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mosix-1.0 is almost out

Hi all,

Mosix-1.0.0 for kernel-2.4.3 is out in alpha stage
(alpha3 from the ftp site).

It might be time to see seriously how it can be

There have already been some propositions in this list
around july last year and some more informations on the
mosix list.

The main problems I can think of :

- mosix is only ported for i386,
- it's a kernel patch (always itchy to work with, and AFAIK
there is no clear policy on what is the right debian way to
package that kind of beast)
- to get mosix working, you need to play with /etc/inittab
& /etc/(x)inetd.conf
- name space pb with "mosix mon" and the mon package.



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