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Re: Scyld

Grendel (grendel@icantbelieveimdoingthis.com) said:

> I'm trying to build a beowulf cluster and have come across Scyld. Does anyone 
> have experience with this? 


> Is there a more appropriate list for this? 

beowulf@beowulf.org, maybe

> I have a specific question. I'm trying to boot a slave node with
> thre NIC's , but only one attached to a network. The node is trying
> to issue RARP queries and gets nowhere. Does scyld issue RARP queris
> for each NIC whether or not it is on a network? MOre simply, what
> can lead a slave node to endlessly query for RARP? 

it does sound from what you describe that the rarp request is going
out on a device not attached to the network.  	i've booted dual-nic
nodes, but never with one nic hanging out network-less.  

> Is Scyld really worth it? 

yes. single point of software and process administration, elminiating
version skew of kernel and system libraries, presenting a more
'mature' computational model to the developer (slave nodes that are
true slave nodes, instead of full linux installs).  

I'd love to see a debianization of scyld.  it's one of those things i
mean to do 'when i have time'.  


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