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Re: Any Beowulfs for Macs (esp. Nubus Macs)?

Karl Hammar wrote:

> I find theese in my local mirror:
> [snip package list]
> So, someone has done something already.

Yup.  PPC is the same as any other architecture.  In fact, I build and upload PETSc for
PPC first. (Oh- there are no i386 binaries yet, though Alpha, Sparc and even ARM have them!
I guess there are no i386 autobuilders because everybody *assumes* that folk only upload i386
packages!  Non-i386 users of the world unite!)

Okay, I'm calm again.  But to answer your question, if it's free, then it's on all the
arches, and if it's not, it's a bug.  You could even make a Beowulf of iPaqs or Amiga 2000s!


-Adam P.

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