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Following the recent thread about clusterNFS, I was checking it out.
I remember not using it around 10 months while setting up a diskless
boot setup, because the debian diskless package was very well integrated,
and that I couldn't find clusterNFS through Debian.

Anyways, I find that clusterNFS is available as a debian package. If it
is packaged fine, would someone be able to upload it into the
archives ?

There are a few problems that I encounter with the diskless package, and
it could be the case that I haven't read the documentation adequately.

The way I manage my diskless machines currently is that I use the diskless
package to setup the root filesystems for every machine and then NFS mount
/usr everywhere. This way all packages installed on the master become
available on the clients with minimum pain.

However, the problem is the /etc and /var files, which I have to then copy
by hand. Am I missing out something here, or there is a better way to
do things ?

clusterNFS sounds like a good way to overcome these problems.


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