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We are using AFS as the protocol of sharing file system
between server and client. It is definitely with richer
features and higher performance comparing with NFS.
Only downside I can see is that users of AFS are probably
need to learn some new commands in AFS to use its features.
It looks still like standard Unix FS from client side,
however, the security is more fine grained.

To give you some idea, here is some useful commands

pagsh  --  start a shell which will contain a particular
           AFS ticket(token)
klog   --  login as a user
kpasswd -- change user's password
fs listacl -- list ACL (access control list)
fs setacl  -- set ACL
fs listquota -- setquota of a volume
vos create -- make a new volume(like a partition in Linux)
fs mkmount -- make a mount point of a volume
pts -- create and manage users and groups
vos addsite -- add readonly site of a volume(load balance of
               a particular volume.

hope this helps,

On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 01:59:32PM +0530, Viral wrote:
> Has anyone used the Andrew File System (AFS) for a cluster ?
> Its already packaged for debian, and sounds good. 
> How does it compare to NFS ? 
> viral

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