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ITP: pvfs

[ you might have seen this on debian-devel, figured this would be the
better forum ]

I'm going to tackle packaging pvfs.

PVFS makes use of the leftover disk space in a cluster, presenting one 
great big file space to applications.  ( 3 extra gigs on 10 nodes, 30
gigs of space to play with).  Reads and writes to a file can be
executed in parallel (an MPI job doing file i/o on distinct chunks of
a file, say )

PVFS is GPL, and you can read more about it at
                                                                                It's going to be a bit tricky to package:  on the server side there's 
a metadata server running on one host, i/o servers running on N
machines.  On the client side, there is a C API one can code directly
to, or one can use a kernel module and a userspace daemon to pretend
the PVFS system is a regular unix-like file system.


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