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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

On 6 Dec 2000, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> This brings out a question I know I asked before and I can weagley remember
> getting an answer to it, just not exactly what it was :).
> I also have some 486's, simple pentiums, a couple of Dec stations etc...
> I even think I can get me a old VAX1 if I really want to! (but I don't,
> it's _HUGE_ and _LOUD_!! :) Can ALL these machines be a part of the same cluster?
The 486's and pentiums won't be a problem, teh dec's however are 64bits
and they are big endian to the conterary of teh intel-boxes.
Now PVM can handle multiple architectures but I'm not sure if it's
possible to run jobs on different types of systems in sync. If os and how,
I'm interrested.

> I just have a big aversion to throwing (working) things away, and why not
> putting them to (good) use if possible? :)
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