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Re: MPI and Java

On Sun, Jan 21, 2001 at 10:54:32AM +0530, Viral wrote:
> I didn't know that Java MPI was that slow.
> However let me explain my application.
> The application will be written in C, but there are things such as user
> interfaces for managing the cluster, and other programs which will show
> realtime data etc. All this is well done by java, and efficiency is not
> an issue here. The core programs will be written in C.
> Another question I have is, can processes join an MPI cluster ? It seems
> that all processes have to call MPI_Init () first, but LAM does seem to have
> a way to spawn processes.
> viral

  The Cumulvs project (based on C and PVM, not Java and MPI) was working on
just this sort of problem, remotely interfacing to a running calculation and
either steering it or reading data out for display purposes while running.
Haven't heard much about it lately, but the web site shows a september 2000
software release, so it seems to be progressing.


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