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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

> Unfortunately, system calls get bounced back to the main node.  This
> creates an IO bottleneck (all file reads/writes are done on the main
> node, no matter where the process got migrated to).  

 No, system calls  get bounced back where the process were created.
There is no "main node". This is specially interesting, because you
can gain a huge performace increase simply do not creatting all process
on the same machine.  You sacrify a little bit the "full
transparency" paradigm, but you overperform the same cluster
with Beowulf -on molecular modelling I did this comparation, and it
works- Anyway, on a Beowulf cluster you do not create all the process on
the same machine. ;-)



                David Santo Orcero

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