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Re: subarchitectures

Greetings!  No never tried it.  What is it?  If you send a url and I
can find the time, I might give it a try too.

Take care,

Artur Gorniak <josh@diament.ists.pwr.wroc.pl> writes:

> in addition to this information..
> any one of you compiled Gaussian under Debian OS?
> I tried for several days and didn't success.
> It compiled with no problems on RedHat 6.1
> but on Debian 2.2 there were errors all the time..
> I tried using comercial compiler which Gaussian group suggests.
> And using gcc, f2c and f77.
> I tried with blas which is in G98 package and with blas from
> Debian system.. Every time there were duplicated references
> or other similar errors.
> Any suggestions?
> Artur Gorniak
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