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Re: Cluster Network Architecture and IP Aliasing

On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 05:23:31PM -0000, Bock Shannon E Contr AFRL/VSIO wrote:
> 	We have a 14 node cluster with a single NIC in each node up and
> running.  Because of the limited bandwidth, we are planning to install 2
> additional NICS into each system and mesh the network using five 8-port
> switches, with each switch residing in its own subnet.  Then having each
> node connected to 3 different switches.  The problem for routing and host
> lookup then becomes nightmarish.  
> 	If we set up each system with its own, unique routing table for each
> possible route, and include alternate routes via other systems, the
> resulting tables would require the destination IP to be changed depending on
> the route taken.  This leads to the question: Is it possible to alias one IP
> address across three NICS on the same system, providing a single point of
> reference across the cluster?  Assuming that each node is connected to three
> separate subnets (a separate subnet for each switch), and the aliased IP is
> in a higher level subnet containing each of the separate subnets?  For
> example:

 Check out http://aggregate.org/FNN/  They have stuff about multi-NIC per
box, each box connected to every other box through at least one 1-switch path.

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