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Re: A small query

Neither is overall "better".  Please read a (good) book about 
supercomputers and understand the way individual specs mean little.  There 
is no such thing as the "fastest" supercomputer.  Fastest at what?  It 
takes alot of simulation and study and even experiments to figure out 
which system will run your particular program the fastest.

Assuming similar technology...

Eight plan

about a 1/4 gig of RAM, about a gig/sec of memory bandwidth, and about 1/4 
gig/sec of hard drive bandwidth

Three plan (assuming 128Meg, in the long run its being too much of a 
cheapskate to buy the 64Meg)

about 1/3 gig of RAM, about a 1/3 gig/sec of memory bandwidth, and about 
1/10 gig/sec of hard drive bandwidth

The Three plan will do medium size, sequential computations (where 
everything is kept in memory) slightly faster than the Eight.
The Eight plan will utterly whip the three plan in random access of huge 
data files and random memory access if programmed correctly.

What you didn't specify was the network infrastructure.  Wirespeed 
switched gig ethernet will perform dramatically different than "all the 
machines on one 10-base-2 coax segment)

Also don't know the on chip cache specs.  I would guess the eight plan 
would have more on chip cache?

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Vaidhyanathan Mayilrangam wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am planning to build a beowulf cluster (just to play around with it).. 
> options I have are either 8 P166 with 32 M of RAM or 3 Duron 600 with 
> of RAM.. Which one would be a better option ?

I think more memory will be useful according to my intuition.


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