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Re: compiling atlas2 on athlon

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 07:09:27PM -0400, Camm Maguire wrote:
> > This reminds me, atlas doesn't build on PPC.  debian/config.expect needs
> > the attached patch, and then it fails while trying to compile
> > tune/sysinfo/Linux/muladd.c: the compiler eats up all available memory
> > (96 MB) and swap (135 MB), then X crashes and boots me back to gdm!
> > 
> An update here.  This is definitely a compiler bug on this platform.
> Removing the default -funroll-loops default optimization option delays
> compilation failure somewhat further, but still winds up with an
> "Illegal instruction" (!) produced in the assembly.  Even with just
> -g, the xfindCE binary segfaults.  I'll try to find time to file a bug
> against the compiler, but it looks hopeless for atlas on PPC for now.
> Perhaps I could try gcc 2.7.3, if it existed on PPC.  Anyone have any
> experience which might indicate that this would be worth a try?  Or
> any PPC users care to share an insight as to what compiler weakness is
> most likely being touched on here?  

I'll let you know - there are probably going to be new compiler
packages in a week or two, and they might address this.  GCC 2.7.3 does
not exist on powerpc, and never has (that we admit to anymore).

A small testcase would be appreciated.


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