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Re: MOSIX - kernel space clustering implementation

Hi all,

Some thoughs on the debianisation of mosix :

- mosix will be in woody (if so take care of it;-)
- at that time, there are good chances for the kernel to be 2.4.*,
- now from what as been said on the mosix mailing list, there are quite
some changes announced with 2.4 :
	- disapperance of the versionate(TM) stuff (good)
	- from what I've seen they are migrating from a perl script to a c tree
for the installation procedure.
	- full MFS integration.
I would advise to wait for the 2.4.0 kernel release (and the appropriate
Mosix one) before doing any work at it.

As said by Martin Ling on the Mosix List :
>The Debian way of doing it would be to have three packages:
>kernel-image-2.2.15-mosix (a precompiled kernel image, identical to the default kernel >but with MOSIX)
>mosix-source-0.97.4 (dependent on kernel-source-2.2.15, patches as per usual)
>mosix-utils (userland support)

The problems I see are the following :
- the mosix teem works only with plain vania kernels (lots of breaks
reported with RH, Mandrake, Suse patched kernels). So the mantainer
might have to twelve in the kernel code to keep in sync with the debian
kernel package. (not for anybody)

- More troublesome is the fact that a working install of mosix modify
/etc/inittab and /etc/inetd.conf... And that might cause a
dependency/upgrade headache.

Just the 0.2 euro of a guy who hasn't package anything (yet).


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