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Patches to fai 1.1-alpha-1


I've installed a potato based cluster using the alpha version of fai two weeks
ago. Our cluster differs substantially from the original cluster fai was developed
for. Since I don't have access to the sources of fai 1.1-alpha-1 deb, I'm releasing
a tarball snapshot of borg's /usr/local/share/fai directory. You can find changes/todo
notes and the tarball at URI 

The significant changes are

* handles a private network -, borg cluster has a switched private 
  100Base-TX network, so that implies some changes to scripts, etc.
* LAM is by default installed on nodes, and has been crash tested! 
* misc. fixes

I tried to remain compatible with the orig. release, but it did need some fixes
for our setup, so there you go. If you have a similar cluster to install, this
is probably where you should be lookin'.

See the README file for some details.

BTW, I have a request from Thomas. Could you please make the deb sources available,
so that we can send in real patches? And BTW, I think you should be making them
available according to the license :) (don't take this too seriously, I don't
intend to start a flame war or anything...) I mean, some apt URI would be great...


PS: I'm aware that it's all source anyway. :) The package build environment would
be handy so that we can improve that...

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 +  Eray "exa" Ozkural                   .      .   .  . . .
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