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Re: clusters, infrastructures, and package tools

Sounds like an interesting component for centralized configuration management!


At 03:41 PM 09-02-00 +0000, Francis Larson wrote:
>I agree with all of the below.  I use debian in a beowulf and for seperate
>servers that are administered jointly with inhomogeneous systems.  My boss is
>developing a system he calls KerDap that combines Kerberos5 with an LDAP
>database to generate service categories that then provide single login
access to
>services such as login, mail, samba, and news.  These are already
>They also work in conjunction with shell scripts for creating user accounts
>where necessary.  This requires some changes to the daemons and distribution
>must deal with the export restriction problems.  I think that a system of
>patches to apply to the various daemons after the user has downloaded the
>kerberos code (something like debian's pine packages) would allow the
>distribution and use of this system.  With Windows 2K and their Directory
>Service I think that something like this for GNU/Linux is essential.  We are
>hampered by the lack of knowledgable people and time for the development
of this
>system.  A debian effort to develop this or something like it would be an
>invaluable asset to GNU/Linux.

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