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New, Category, organization

Hi to everyone :) Some days ago, in the debian-beowulf ML I proposed a new
category in the debian package tree to host all the Beowulf software being
offered within Debian. At present beowulf packages are around some dirs (such as
'devel' 'admin' ...). And if one of the objective of the category organization
is to easy find out what is inside one category (say X11, Web, Admin and so on),
it will be nice/useful/intelligent to put all that packages in only one place!
Moreover I briefly follow discussions on the 'package pool proposal' (while not
already subscribed...) and it will be a good idea to start thinking on this new
category. Moreover, as I have realized beowulf clusters, it's frustating to find
people that want to install others distros mainly because they have all the sw
"easy" accessible (i.e. in only one path). I think Debian should start thinking
on it.
However I hope that it will not be necessary to wait a lot (if possible, of
course) to build a category in the Debian pack. tree. Potato is in freeze, as
far as I know, and maybe it's to late to put there... or not???

Hope to see a follow up ....


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