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PVM 3.4.2

   PVM 3.4.2 has been uploaded to incoming.  It now has three packages: a
small libpvm3, the pvm runtime, and a larger pvm-dev. Since the minimal
installed size has shrunk from 461K (pvm 3.4.0) to 203K (libpvm3 3.4.2) and
no potentially risky daemons (pvmd had a /tmp problem) are required I'm
planning to rebuild povray to produce only one binary with both X and PVM
enabled.  Other dependent packages may choose to depend on either pvm (if
you *really* want pvm to work), or libpvm3 if you can struggle along when
pvm_spawn() returns an error.  libpvm3 will be found by dpkg_shlibs at
package build time, so no control file changes are needed if you want only a
libpvm3 dependency.

   Another change is the /etc/alternatives/pvm-rsh alternative link.  PVM
can now use ssh (and krsh presumably) to initiate pvmd connections. 
Inter-daemon communications is still in the clear though, so this isn't a
security enhancement, just a convenience enhancement.  PVM uses whatever
/usr/lib/pvm3/bin/rsh ultimately points to, defaulting to rsh-client
(suggested, not depended upon).  If you don't have rsh-client installed
you'll need to manually override /etc/alternatives/pvm-rsh. If a system-wide
remote-shell alternative is eventually put in place I'll change pvm-rsh to
default to that.

   I was unable to produce new powerpc .debs due to a gcc 2.95.1 powerpc
varags oversight (no shorts, possibly other data types missing as well).
A report and possible patch have been submitted.  It doesn't look like any
other architectures will be affected, though we'll have to see what the
autobuilders do.


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