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Re: MOSIX and the upcoming release

On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 10:34:20AM -0400, Camm Maguire wrote:
> Greetings!  Does anyone plan on getting a MOSIX package out in time
> for the upcoming freeze?

   I hadn't planned on it (the one time I tried Mosix last year it wasn't
free and didn't work out of the box) but Mosix might be a good candidate for
a team approach.  At the very least the kernel and userspace sides could be
separated.  Is Mosix completely modular or does it require patches to the
static part of the kernel still?  That could prove to be a major difficulty
in distributing working .debs for the whole suite.
   DIPC and bproc, while not as ambitious as Mosix provide some similar
capabilities and might be achievable before freeze.  I was waffling on
trying to package DIPC ( I really shouldn't spend the time on it) after
Kamran's latest posts to beowulf and his frustration with the EL


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