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Re: bazel plans?

On 2021-05-25 11:19 -0400, Olek Wojnar wrote:
>    Yes, Wookey and Francis are working on TensorFlow packaging under the Deep
>    Learning team [1]. It's challenging work for them because we're still only
>    on Phase 2 of our Bazel packaging effort.

And both tensorflow and bazel are entirely new to me, so it's taken a
while to get some traction.  I do have a basic packaging now, and am
fixing up lintian errors so it's good enough to go into NEW in basic
'just the C++ and framework libraries+dev package' form.

C library and python bindings, and tflite builds to follow.

>      And, where's the best place to follow discussions on bazel and
>      tensorflow?
>    I copied the Debian Bazel mailing list and the Debian Science list since I
>    understand the Deep Learning team is currently using the Science team list
>    for coordination.

We are now using debian-ai@lists.debian.org for tensorflow packaging
discussion, except where they are really just bazel questions, and
then it's debian-bazel (I'm on all 3 lists, but if we could keep
ai/deep learning stuff on the ai list that'll help)

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