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Re: Bug#1022173: Arbitrary and frequent 100% CPU load symptom with Libreoffice Writer 1:7.0.4

On Fri, 21 Oct 2022, Rene Engelhard wrote:

> > Debian runs on such machines, and I personally also have an EeePC,
> > and, to reduce electronic waste, reusing of older machines is
> > perfectly fine.

> True. But then they know or should know that stuff might become slow.

Slow, yes. Just spinning at high CPU, no.

> > Some people might not have the budget for newer
> > machines or their, generally increased, power consumption.
> I'd actually argue that current processors are more power-efficient
> than a Pentium M

Depends on the workloads I guess… and on laptop vs not.

> > Your statement on the other hand was dismissive and insulting on top.
> And this report has a too high severity. And was on a non-supported
> distro anymore. And for backports which doesn't belong here.

That may all be true (I got it via the backports list though, and
*most* maintainers don’t complain all that much for bpo bugs in the
BTS, and I’d definitely not call it unsupported, it’s even in LTS,
not yet ELTS, even if backports don’t do LTS) but these all don’t
make writing things like that to users of older hardware acceptable.


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