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Uploading to buster-backports NEW as source-only

Dear backports ftp-master team,

I want to do the good thing, but I'm not sure I am, so I prefer to ask.

It looks like the rules for NEW in buster-backports are the same as for
unstable, that is, one cannot upload to NEW as source-only.

Is this on purpose? It doesn't feel like it's a sensible thing to do...

The FTP masters may reply that they need to check for the package, but
then if I upload a s390x binary, will that help? :) My guess is that
s390x will also work, but they will be useless for checking, no? :)

Thanks for maintaining backports over the years,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: Sorry if this topic was raised before and I failed to find out...

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