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The buster-backports emacs should require an upgrade to the dictionaries-common package.


When upgrading to Emacs 27.1 in buster-backports, I noticed that

    emacs foo.txt

no longer showed foo.txt. Also,

    emacs -q --debug-init foo.txt

gave the following error.

    debian-ispell-set-startup-menu: Symbolʼs value as variable is void:


    C-h f debian-ispell-set-startup-menu


    debian-ispell-set-startup-menu is a compiled Lisp function in

    (debian-ispell-set-startup-menu &optional FORCE)

    Make sure ispell startup menu is ready after startup.
    To be run at ʽafter-init-hookʼ or at any time if FORCE is given.

And then

    dlocate debian-ispell.el
    dictionaries-common: /usr/share/dictionaries-common/site-elisp/debian-ispell.el

Upgrading dictionaries-common to the buster-backports version makes
the error go away, and now foo.txt also shows up.

I conclude that the emacs buster-backports emacs 27.1 installation should also force an upgrade of dictionaries-common to the buster-backports version.

Regards, Faheem Mitha

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