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Re: Incorrect dependency in python3-lxml

On Fri, 20 Nov 2020 at 13:09:10 +0100, Andreas Ronnquist wrote:
> Trying to install matrix-synapse from backports I run in to the problem
> that first it cannot install python3-lxml
> and, trying to install this package, I get the following:
>  python3-lxml : Depends: python3 (< 3.6) but 3.7.3-1 is to be installed

The amd64 binaries uploaded to buster-backports by Andreas Tille (cc'd)
seem to have been built in a stretch environment? Other architectures'
builds from the buildds seem to be as expected.

https://packages.debian.org/buster-backports/python3-lxml says:

dep: python3 (<< 3.6) [amd64]
dep: python3 (<< 3.8) [not amd64]
dep: python3 (>= 3.5~) [amd64]
dep: python3 (>= 3.7~) [not amd64]

If backports packages can be binNMU'd, please could someone with
appropriate access rebuild this? I think the right runes are:

nmu python3-lxml_4.6.1-1~bpo10+1 . amd64 . buster-backports . -m 'Rebuild in buster environment'

Or if binNMUs are not possible in buster-backports, someone who uses
and can test this backported package could do a source-only upload.

See also #744113/#934191, which would have avoided this if fixed - but
I can't help wondering how this package was successfully tested in the
target suite, given that it seems to be uninstallable. Perhaps it was
inadvertently built for stretch instead of buster, and then accidentally
also tested in stretch?


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