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Re: buster-backports: iptables broken dependency

I’m trying not to create a mixed setup if possible, preferring to stick to backports for the select few things needed and stable for everything else.

Any chance this will be fixed soon?



On Thu, 27 Aug 2020 at 19:41, Ruud Baart <r.j.baart@tiswe.fr> wrote:

Yes, I confirm: this is a problem.

A quick and dirty fix is to download and install netbase package

form bullseye distribution and then reinstall iptables. Seems to

work for me but is not a real solution of course.

On 27-8-2020 11:07, Shaun S wrote:


On 25 August a new release of iptables was pushed to

buster-backports which depends on netbase >= 6.0 - however

netbase is not available in backports, and the version in

buster is currently 5.6:

The following packages have unmet


  iptables : Depends: netbase (>=

6.0) but 5.6 is to be installed

This results in an impossible situation when installing

iptables from backports, and as a knock on effect via a common

dependency (libxtables12) also breaks nftables amongst other


Any chance this can be fixed, by correcting backported

iptables to depend on netbase 5.6?






R.J. Baart

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