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Re: Uploading a new binary to buster-backports

Hello Thiago,

Am 20.08.20 um 13:05 schrieb Thiago Andrade:
> When I did the upload of vokoscreen-ng to buster-backports, I received
> this mail from FTP MASTER:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Not accepted by any per-suite acl (suite=buster-backports)
> binary:vokoscreen is NEW.
> binary:vokoscreen is NEW.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> How should I proceed in this case?

you need to get a dedicated ACL for your UID on backports.


To quote the most relevant part:

> A Debian Developer (DD) uid needs to be in the backports ACL. This
> can be requested by raising a ticket in the [backports queue] on the
> RT.
Carsten Schoenert

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