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Re: qemu buster backport

On 6/14/20 12:47 PM, Chris Boot wrote:
> On 07/04/2020 10:20, Matt Taggart wrote:
>> Hi qemu package maintainers!
>> Please consider providing a backport of newer qemu to buster.
>> In particular I would like to be able to use the added support for
>> DISCARD in virtio-blk (added in 4.0). My VMs are running on top of
>> drbd+lvm+luks+mdadm and all those layers of the stack have discard
>> support in buster, so having newer qemu is the last piece needed to make
>> it work.
> This doesn't answer your query but is there a specific reason you're
> using virtio-blk rather than virtio-scsi? The latter has supported
> DISCARD for a long time and requires no specific guest kernel support;
> the latter requires a 5.0+ kernel in the guest.
> HTH,
> Chris

There is issues around nested virt that are all cleaned up in 5.0 as
well, and also OpenStack recent versions are using features of 5.0 too.
So a Qemu 5.0 backport to Buster would be nice. I've been asked to
sponsor such an upload, but I would really prefer to have the Qemu
maintainers to take care of it. Please let me know.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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