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Re: Buster Backports and VIM 8.2

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 09:47:02PM -0400, Boyuan Yang wrote:
> Hi,
> 在 2020-06-11星期四的 18:41 +0000,Vinicius de Alencar写道:
> > Hello, guys!
> > 
> > How are you?
> > Just a curious question. Is there any plan to put VIM 8.2 into Debian
> > Buster Backports?
> There is no plan for backporting but the current Debian vim package
> maintainer may or may not hold interest in it. This email is also sent
> to him (in CC list).

I have no interesting in maintaining a backport.  Thanks for checking,

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