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Re: debian backports and source-only upload

On 6 Jun 2020, at 22:53, Thorsten Glaser <t.glaser@tarent.de> wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jun 2020, Bill Allombert wrote:
>> Could you clarify on https://backports.debian.org/
>> in which circumstances source-only upload to buster-backports are
>> allowed  ?
> Also whether we should still use -sa, if the upload is the
> first time the upstream version hits backports. (Sometimes
> it seems to work, but recently I updated buster-backports
> and stretch-backports-sloppy at the same time and had some
> weird behaviour.)
> The Contribute pages on there were where I looked before…

Ever since backports moved to ftp-master -sa has been unnecessary. As
you've found out, it can even go wrong when you upload the same
upstream version multiples times at once, since only one copy of the
file will exist in the queue, and the first .changes to be processed
will end up removing it from the queue and breaking the rest. So don't
bother :) it's only needed when uploading to a different dak instance
for the first time, like security-master.


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