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Backport request (was: Re: Backport of CUDA 10 for buster?

Package: nvidia-cuda-toolkit
Version: 10.1.105-2
Clarification: The original request was sent to debian-backports@l.d.o

Hi Matthias,

I think CUDA 10 will eventually land onto buster-backports
but that still takes some time to happen :-)

On 2019-07-30 13:47, Matthias Blaicher wrote:
> Dear Debian Team,
> I'm currently looking into getting CUDA to work on a Turing graphics
> card with buster. Unfortunately, buster only includes CUDA 9.2, while
> CUDA 10 is required which is already in bullseye. Since
> stretch-backports includes a backport of CUDA in non-free, I wonder if
> it is feasible to also include CUDA 10 in buster-backports? Or should
> I rely on pinning?

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