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Re: hp-plugin installation woes on Debian Live

Hi all

I'm not sure I see how this is related to backports.

AFAIK we are not supposed to use the Debian BTS for issues we run into with packages in backports but to use this mailing list instead. Because we run into this issue with hplip in stretch-backports, I asked here (and kept debian-live in CC as it is related to this issue).

A while ago I did my own digging on this issue, and I've found that a
simple workaround to force hplip to use sudo can be done by setting:


inside ~/.hplip/hplip.conf

@James: Thank you very much for the hint. This improved the situation a little bit.

After starting hp-setup as a normal user and selecting the printer I now get the plug-in installer interaction as a graphical dialog instead of some additional output on the terminal which is really nice. After acknowledging to download and install the plug-in and agreeing to the license I now get the custom password dialog pre-filled with the Debian Live username ("user") instead of "root". After typing in the Debian Live password ("live") everything works fine and I get a dialog "Plug-in installation successful". But right after that the same old error message appears and I am unable to finish the installation of the printer. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I uploaded a short video demonstrating the problem here:


Thank you very much for additional hints, tricks or even a solution...

Best regards



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