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how to handle sid version bin:new_pkg_name Provides bin:dummy_transitional_pkg for bpo

Hi backports team!

In point form:

1. Stretch has the transitional dummy package
   - dummy package is necessary to fulfill rdeps in stretch
2. When the buster package dropped the transitional dummy pkg
   I added it back to my backport (necessary for #1).
3. Newest version of bin:package in buster now Provides
   - This version does not have an updated Replaces: old-pkg-name

What is the correct action for the next version of the backported

a) Merge the new Provides and keep the dummy transitional package.
b) Merge the new Provides and drop the dummy transitional package.
   - Would this require some sort of bpo archive fixup to remove the
     dummy transitional package?
c) Reject the new Provides and keep the dummy transitional package.
d) File a bug against the package in testing/sid to update Replaces,
   and possibly also Breaks?

I'm guessing (c) for now, and maybe also also (d).


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