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Re: npm_1.4.21+ds-2~bpo9+1_amd64.changes REJECTED

On 9/9/18 1:26 AM, Ross Gammon wrote:
> The long process of backporting all the node-* dependencies for npm has
> started!

We have a bit of trouble backporting src:acorn as its build dependency
rollup is not yet in testing (and I don't think it can be in testing soon).

Would it be possible to use a prebuilt version of acorn and move acorn
to contrib
only in stretch-backports? This would mean node-bluebird, which build
depends on node-acorn, and npm will have to be contrib too.

Else we will have to get something like acorn-prebuilt in buster/contrib
and then get it to stretch-backports.

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