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Re: Showfoto / Digikam version >= 5.6.0 for Stretch?

在 2018年9月11日星期二 EDT 下午4:08:42,Peter Stefan Jan 写道:
> Hi All,
> I'm using Debian Stretch which shipped originally with version 5.3.0 of
> showfoto / digikam. I'm currently on version 5.3.0-1. Unfortunately, this
> version crashes reliably when trying to invoke the "Color Effects"
> dialogue. In the change log for digikam
> (https://cgit.kde.org/digikam.git/tree/project/NEWS.5.6.0) one can see that
> this issue has been fixed in version 5.6.0. In Buster and Sid, version
> 5.9.0-1 seems to be available. Would it be possible to backport that one
> (or at least version 5.6.0) to Stretch?

Hi Peter,

Thank you for raising the problem. To fix severe problems in Debian stable like 
crashing, the best way is to directly fix the problem based on current codebase 
in Stretch and push fixes into stretch main repository instead of pushing new 
version into stretch-backports. Could you please contact the package 
maintainer of showfoto / digikam and report it as a bug if there's no previous 
bug report?

Boyuan Yang

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