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Re: "dh_autoreconf: Can only be run once, see dh-autoreconf" when building package from Sid for Stretch

> Several days ago, I fetched "network-manager-l2tp" and "openfortivpn"
> source from Debian testing/sid and tried to build them for Stretch,
> using sbuild. Basically, what I did was
> 1, enable "testing" or "sid" in sources.list;
> 2, "apt update";
> 3, fetch the source of the package.
> 4, sbuild the package with "-d stretch"

> [...]
> I'm relatively new to Debian packaging. So I may be missing something
> obvious. Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Fonzie


These packages need "debhelper (>= 11.1.4~)", which can be found in
stretch-backports (not just stretch) or in testing.  Please update the
debian/control file of these packages to use the updated build
dependency and then it should work (once you get stretch-backports in
sbuild; I have no experience with that, so I cannot help you there but
someone else might).

Assuming you get the build to work with the change above, please
consider filing a bug against the packages and ask them to bump their
build-dependency on debhelper (so you do not have to carry a local
patch). :)


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