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Re: lxml and html5-parser bpo needed for a stretch-backport of calibre

On Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 06:02:54PM -0500, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> Dear Matthias and Backports Team,
> Are you interested in maintaining a stretch backport of python-lxml?
> Norbert, the Calibre maintainer has oked a stretch-backport of Calibre
> (e-book converter and library management), and it requires this.  It
> also requires a python-html5-parser bpo anyone would like to maintain
> it. ;-)
> While I've already prepared a bpo of calibre-3.14.0+dfsg-1, waiting
> for its dependencies to be uploaded will provide the opportunity for
> 3.15.0 to migrate to testing, which I count as a win!
> Looking forward to you reply,
> Nicholas

Hi Norbert, Matthias, and Backports Team,

I've prepared the backports for lxml and html5-parser needed for a bpo
of calibre and a sponsored upload is required.  Please let me know if
you prefer that I file formal RFSes.  Norbert, I've also done a
backport of calibre 3.16.0+dfsg-1 and have created a stretch-backports
branch on your salsa project.  Links:

 -> stretch-backports branch

 -> stretch-backports branch

I am currently rebuilding calibre with "-sa" because mentors rejected
the upload.

Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. Is anyone else working on that python-regex bug that will
autoremove calibre from testing sometime soon?  I'm going to try
taking a stab at it this evening, and will share results sometime in
the next few hours.

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