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Backporting software that depends on gcc7

Hello backporters,

I have a question for you, please share your opinion.

There is widely used (in some countries) instant messenger Telegram. It
has desktop client telegram-desktop Nicholas Guriev maintains in
Debian. Unfortunately it is not included in stable distribution.
That is not a problem, I backported it to stretch-backports and it
works well.

But new upstream version (currently entering sid) is written on C++17
which is barely supported by gcc6.3. And now it FTBFS with gcc from

IIRC, newer g++ output links with new libstd++, so it's not possible
to install it in the same system without recompiling all (c++)
dependencies with newer g++ (with soname change and so on), so it's
possible to just backport g++7.2.

So here is the question itself: Is there any common practice in
debian-packports for such situation?

(For now, I think it's still possible to port the code on c++14 for
backports purpose (add is_same_v<> alias and so on) since it does not
use much from new standard AFAIR, but I'm sure this will not be
possible in long term.)

Best regards,
 Alexander Gerasiov

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