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backporting knot-resolver 1.3.3 to stretch (DNS-over-TLS yay!)

hey all--

knot-resolver 1.3.3 has some pretty nifty features, like easy/simple
DNS-over-TLS (see https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7858).  I'm going to
backport it to stretch-backports so that it can be more widely available
for folks who want to run such a service.

You can read more the rationale and mechanism for confidential DNS


I plan to continue to maintain the knot-resolver backport for stretch.

If anyone has any concerns or suggestions, i'm all ears.

If you just want to *use* DNS-over-TLS, i'm serving that protocol using a
backported knot-resolver 1.3.3 already at:


happy hacking,


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