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Re: Current OpenAFS kernel module (openafs-modules-dkms 1.6.20-2) in Stretch incompatible with Linux 4.11 from backports

Hi Dirk,

On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 02:33:30PM +0200, Dirk Heinrichs wrote:
> Hi,
> when installing kernel 4.11 from Stretch backports, the OpenAFS kernel
> module fails to build for this kernel. It needs an update to 1.6.21,
> which is compatible with kernels up to 4.12 (see
> http://openafs.org/dl/openafs/1.6.21/RELNOTES-1.6.21).

I'm travelling at the moment, but ought to be able to take care of this soon.



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