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Packages in NEW and question


I have uploaded a bunch of packages in the last few days, many of those
are now in NEW waiting for vetting.

Please, note that I have uploaded in dependency order, many of these
packages depend on others also sitting in the NEW queue. I think in the
past it has happened that some package was checked out of order, and
then something rejected it automatically.

Dunno how this works exactly, but I wanted to give a heads-up in case
this happens again (which translates into very long delays to the work
of backporting these many layers of dependencies).


While I'm at this, I would also like to ask for your wisdom: if I have a
cyclic build-dependency, that was not a problem in unstable as it was
not cyclic when the packages were first introduced, how am I supposed to
upload to backports?

Should I break those cycles somehow (using something like build
profiles), or is there a way to upload as-is?


Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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