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Re: Accepted nvidia-graphics-drivers 367.44-3~bpo8+1 (amd64 i386 source) into jessie-backports : problem of dependencies


I can't update my distro because of this problem :

Les paquets suivants ont des dépendances non satisfaites :
 mediawiki : Casse: mediawiki-extensions-base mais 3.7 est installé.
 nvidia-kernel-support : Dépend: nvidia-modprobe (>= 352) mais il ne
sera pas installé. Les actions suivantes permettront de résoudre ces
dépendances :

  Supprimer les paquets suivants : 
  1) mediawiki-extensions-base
  2) nvidia-driver
  3) nvidia-kernel-dkms
  4) nvidia-kernel-support                                             

  Laisser les dépendances suivantes non satisfaites :
  5) libcuda1 recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms (= 367.44-3~bpo8+1) |
  6) libgl1-nvidia-glx recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms (=
367.44-3~bpo8+1) | nvidia-kernel-367.44 
  7) nvidia-driver-bin recommande nvidia-driver
  8) nvidia-vdpau-driver recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms (=
367.44-3~bpo8+1) | nvidia-kernel-367.44
  9) xserver-xorg-video-nvidia recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms (=
367.44-3~bpo8+1) | nvidia-kernel-367.44
  10) libcuda1:i386 recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms:i386 (=
367.44-3~bpo8+1) | nvidia-kernel-367.44:i386
  11) libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms:i386 (=
367.44-3~bpo8+1) | nvidia-kernel-367.44:i386
  12) nvidia-smi:i386 recommande nvidia-kernel-dkms:i386 (=
367.44-3~bpo8+1) | nvidia-kernel-367.44:i386

I haven't seen anything similar on Google lately, so I wonder what I
have to do. The full resolver did not give me any acceptable solution
about keeping the nvidia driver !

Any help would be much appreciated :-)



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