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Re: Please add DM to uploaders, no RT account

On 11/10/2016 03:00 AM, Leo P. Singer wrote:
> I would like to upload backports for chealpix, healpix-cxx, and
> healpy. All three are dependencies of the LIGO (http://www.ligo.org)
> data analysis software stack, and I maintain all three packages in
> unstable. I am a DM, but I cannot create an RT ticket to add myself
> as a backports uploader because I do not have an RT account.

Yes, you can, via email. (You can't view the ticket, but you will
get replies.) I recently got added to the backports ACL (also a
DM here), and the process works just fine.

The following email template should help you:

To: backports@rt.debian.org
Subject: [Debian RT] Please add $NAME (DM) to backports ACL


[ message body: some text explaining what packages you want to
  maintain in backports, for convenience repeat your full GPG
  fingerprint ]


Sign this message inline (do NOT use PGP/MIME) with the same key
you can use to upload packages to Debian and send it. You should
immediately get a reply that a ticket has been create. After that
you'll need to wait a bit until backports ftp-masters have time
to process your request and you'll be added to the ACL.

You still need upload permission for the specific packages as a
DM, but if you already maintain them in unstable and can upload
those there, then you should be set. (After you've been added to
the ACL.)


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