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Re: Non-NEW backport rejected with "ACL dm: NEW uploads are not allowed"


Alexander Wirt writes:
> On Mon, 31 Oct 2016, Peter Colberg wrote:
[ golang-github-fatih-color in jessie-backports treated as NEW ]
> From my perspective everything looks correct. But ftpmaster and dsa moved dak
> to a new host during the weekend, maybe something broke.
> @ftpmaster would you mind to take a look?

The upload is "new" as the override for the package was lost in time and
space.  I looked at the logs to find out why this happened:

 - 20160619: uploaded to backports-new, overrides are added and the
   package is marked to be accepted, but dak ends up rejecting the
   package (Built-Using refers to another backported package that is not
   yet accepted).
 - 20160704: unused override gets removed
 - 20160725: package gets re-uploaded and accepted (as the package is
   still marked to be accepted from 20160619).

So dak treats packages that are to be accepted, but rejected for other
reasons, and later re-uploaded using the same version wrong.  It should
probably remove the "accept" mark in this case.


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