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Re: Regarding btrfs-tools

On 27/01/16 11:01 AM, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
Right now I can't boot kernel 4.3, because it hangs on a fsck command looking like it comes from initializing btrfs. I use btrfs as my root fs. (This is just a box I run personally as a NAS for my movies and music, so I don't mind things blowing up occationally.)

My question is, will the package from mentors.debian.net eventually end up in backports?

I've filed a request for sponsorship, and hope to see this soon. Honestly, linux-4.3.x was a no-go for me, because btrfs scrub would immediately exit without scrubbing anything (according to btrfs scrub status); I hope that linux-4.4 is soon shifted out of Debian experimental. Is anyone able to scrub their btrfs root volume while running linux-image-4.3*bpo, with any version of btrfs-tools?

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