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Re: Upload of linux-grsec to jessie-backports?

Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac@debian.org> writes:

> Hi list, [please keep me on CC: on replies, I'm not subscribed to the list]
> linux-grsec was recently ACCEPTED [1] in Debian unstable. For the record, it's
> a src:linux packages patched with the grsecurity [2] patch, hardening the
> kernel against various threats (memory corruption especially).
> Current upstream (grsecurity) development model is to follow the latest linux
> kernel version (there are so-called “stable” patches, which are not available
> free of charge, so I don't mention them here), which makes it not really
> suitable for a stable release (also there's the duplication of the Linux
> sources).
> But the linux-grsec packages might especially interest people using stable
> releases (it's really useful on servers, although I'm using it on laptops and
> desktops just fine), so I'm currently providing those builds myself [3]. I'd
> like to use a more official repository, so I thought about uploading to
> jessie-backports.
> I know the rules about backports (only packages already in testing, suited for
> the next stable releases), so I know it's an exception I'm asking. I already
> asked on IRC (#debian-devel, where it wasn't really warmly received :), but
> was also redirected here, so it gets archived.

I for one would love this kernel package available in backports!


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