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Re: Bug#807019: tracking bin-num - broken unison due to binnmu upload

On Tue, 29 Dec 2015, Alexandre Rossi wrote:

> Hi,
> >> The change done in unison 2.48 to overcome this looks pretty big... I'm
> >> not sure I'll be able/willing to provide a unison2.40.102 any more.
> >> Moreover, this package was created to provide compatibility with
> >> previous Debian releases, but another change in OCaml 4.02 makes it
> >> incompatible anyway (both communicating unisons need to be compiled with
> >> the same version of OCaml in practice, which won't be the case any more
> >> when one side is Debian stable, and the other Debian testing). IMHO,
> >> that's a design flaw in Unison that cannot be easily fixed.
> >>
> >
> > A possible way out for stable (and old-stable) users could be to use 2.48
> > from backports, when 2.48 will be packaged and migrated to testing.
> The backport is indeed a nice way out of this, the rebuild is
> straightforward (only tried for amd64).
> http://sousmonlit.zincube.net/~niol/apt/pool/main/u/unison/unison_2.48.3-1~bpo80+1.dsc
> This should be integrated in the backports.d.o repositories.
Backports is not for fixing bugs in stable.

Alex - Backports ftpmaster

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