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Re: Cloud images with backports APT-enabled.

On 28-12-2015 16:19, Charles Plessy wrote:
Thus, if a package in stable-backports has the highest priority, it will be
installed.  The default priorities in backports suites are set to be lower than
the default priorities in stable suites, but if there is no package available
locally or from a stable suite, the backports can be the best valid candidate,
and therefore be installed.
In conclusion:

We are not going to enable backports by default in the short term,
Although I didn't test if it works like this, would assigning a negative priority to backports repository and selectively boosting priority of the packages you need in cloud images satisfy your needs? AFAIK it should not allow installing from backports when there is no package available in stable, but should still allow tracking updates from the packages you deem useful from backports.

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