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Renaming backported packages

Hi all,

Is it ok to rename a backported package to avoid breaking reverse

I'm asking because some Java applications that we would like to backport
require antlr3/3.5.2, but this version is known to break jython. We
solved that in unstable by forking antlr3 as antlr3.2.

For jessie-backports a solution would be to keep the stable antlr3
package at its current 3.2 version, and upload the unstable antlr3/3.5.2
package to jessie-backports as antlr3.5. antlr3.5 would be a
jessie-backports only package, and as such would never enter
unstable/testing (upstream no longer develops antlr 3.x, so we are sure
antlr3.5 will never have to be introduced in unstable to address an
incompatibility with an hypothetical 3.6 release).

What do you think?

Emmanuel Bourg

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