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Re: Backporting antlr4

Le 2/12/2015 12:46, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> I would need libantlr4-runtime-java to backport a Debian Med package to
> Jessie and thus I'm interested in backporting antlr4.  Is there anybody
> who might have this on the todo list or should I give it a try?

Hi Andreas,

Backporting antlr4 implies backporting antlr 3.5.2 and stringtemplate 4
as well. The tricky part is the circular dependency between
stringtemplate 4 and antlr 3.5.2.

If you are going to backport antlr 3.5.2 the easiest solution would be
to cheat a bit and build it in an environment where
libstringtemplate4-java is already is installed. Once you have antlr
3.5.2 for Jessie you can rebuild stringtemplate4.

Also note that antlr 3.5.2 will break jython in Jessie (it has to be
switched to antlr3.2 to preserve the compatibility).

Emmanuel Bourg

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