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Re: Backports installed without prompt if not in base suite: bug or feature ?

* David Kalnischkies <david@kalnischkies.de> [2015-11-30 22:22:08 CET]:
> In other words: If you have experimental sources on your stable system,
> packages new in experimental will be automatically installed, too, if
> requested without any force needed (it won't be upgraded through as
> installed is pinned 100 which is higher than 1).  Everything else would
> be against how pinning works – and its like that for 17 years now, so it
> can't be all bad – aka: feature.

 I really consider the reasoning of "it always has been that way" kinda
disturbing, frankly spoken.  It has been used in very bad areas over the
history of human development, please don't use it.  That's not really an

> I don't think this is wrong, given that you have this source enabled and
> you want that package installed, so not offering this solution would be
> a disservice. Pretty much the same thing as with non-free.

 And with my backports hat on I consider the comparison of backports
with non-free quite disrespectful, too ...

> Personally, I am in the "enable backports by default" camp as I believe
> that most people who issue a "apt install foo" want foo installed and do
> not care enough about stable vs. backports to say 'no' to the solution
> even IF they would know at the right moment that foo comes from
> backports (same for non-free)

 Again - please do *not* compare backports with non-free.  And that you
consider people not to care is a fair bit disturbing.  The objection to
putting backports into the default install should be reason enough for
you that there are people who *do* care and you shouldn't disregard
their opinion with a statement of people don't care anyway.

> but I can perfectly understand that some want to hold that off until
> everyone actually has the information at the right moment. [That is
> not to say that the treatment by a user doesn't change if she knows –
> I prefer potentially buggy open firmware over closed one for example
> and given the choice of cake via backports or no cake, I will opt for
> backports accepting less service than stable,

 So you are applying your own opinion to all users - including the ones
that explicitly tell you that they care differently.  Way to go.  Please
understand that others might have different opinions on that and that
those views are valid, too.

 So long,
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